Rahjan Huolinta – Up-to-Date Port Operator


Rahjan Huolinta Oy, established in 1954, is a port operator at the Port of Rahja in Kalajoki. The company has a long tradition and extensive experience in port and maritime operations.

-Long-term, confidential customer relationships and purposeful development work carried out by Rahjan Huolinta have allowed the Port of Rahja become one of Finland´s largest sawn timber exporting ports, explains the company´s managing director Leena Rahja.

Customer-oriented service concept

She says Rahjan Huolinta has a customer-oriented service concept. It wants to serve its customers “to a T” on all things related to port operation.

-The company also looks after bulk cargoes: stevedoring, storage and handling with our own forklifts and cranes. We take care of all port agent functions such as merchant vessel, shipping company, and consigner services.

-We complete official documents and convey information customs, pilots, icebreakers, port agencies, and other interest groups. We also provide door-to-door deliveries, especially for the British market, says Leena Rahja.

The company´s port and forwarding include sawn timber, refined goods, and bulk goods stevedoring, outdoor operations, and land transports according to customers´ wishes and needs. The company transports sawn timber with its own transport equipment. This has been deemed necessary from the standpoint of correctly timed, flexible port traffic.

Storages inside and outside

Rahjan Huolinta has about 20 000 m2 of roofed storage space, the same amount of outdoor space and 3 000 m2 of indoor space with dehumidification at the port. The company offers a customs storage area for transit goods.

The port doesn´t have a railroad connection, but this deficiency is solved with a so-called freight transfer system.

-We unload railcars at the Ylivieska station and transport the goods to the port for shipping.

Rahjan Huolinta has a harbour tugboat that assists ships and breaks ice in winter, ensuring that port visits happen flexibly and without delays all year round.

Regular sailings from Rahja

There have been regular sailings from Rahja to great Britain already for 30 years.

-The Rahja – Hull shipping line , which we take care of together with our British partner, has become an actual “green gold line” for sawn timber, explains Rahja.

Nevertheless, se says Egypt is the major export country. Other significant timber export countries are other northern African countries, Israel and Spain.

In addition to sawn timber, also metal products, peat, wood chips, and grain are shipped from Rahja in the world. Correspondingly, various minerals, animal food raw materials, magnesium sulphate and construction sheeting are imported to the port.

-We clear about 100 vessels a year.

Rahjan Huolinta Oy is a second-generation family-owned company that permanently employs 55 workers. During the peak season the number of workers may occasionally rise up to 85.

-Our skilful and well-motivated staff ensures that our vital and advanced customers will be kept satisfied in the future too, Leena Rahja believes.

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